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Income Protection

Income Protection, which is also known as Income Replacement Insurance
income protection

Income Protection, which is also known as Income Replacement Insurance, Permanent Total Disability Insurance or Permanent Health Insurance is an insurance policy which gives you a tax free income if you can’t work due to an accident or ill health. Could you rely on your reduced level of income (if any?) to finance your lifestyle? You should consider some form of Income Protection.

Income Protection – what it can do for you

Income Protection is an important part of your financial provision, whether or not you have dependents, a mortgage or other financial commitments. Many people insure against their death with life insurance or take out Mortgage Protection insurance, but statistically there is a much greater likelihood that you will suffer an illness or accident which could stop you working long time. While life insurance will give your dependents an income or lump sum if you die, Income Protection offers security in the more likely event that you survive an accident or illness, but can’t work.
Income Protection – how it works

Income Protection, or Permanent Health insurance, works by paying you an income, usually equivalent to 50-65% of your normal salary. The income is generally paid until you reach your usual retirement age, but will automatically stop if you return to work. If you are self-employed, the income paid under the insurance is normally calculated on the amount of your taxable income, or profits, during the 12 month period prior to you becoming unable to work. The income from Income Replacement is tax free. Income Protection is different from Redundancy cover, as it covers you against an accident or ill health, rather than against losing your job and distinct from Critical Illness as it pays you an income rather than a lump sum.

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Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at

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